Must have bridal jewellery sets for any kind of occasions

Marriages are perhaps the most celebrated events in the country of India and rightfully so. It is a once in a lifetime moment where not only two individuals vow to spend their lives together but acts as an amalgamation of two families that are about to create a bond forever. Hence, it is more than just an occasion. A marriage is a celebration that deserves to be rejoiced with our loved ones.

Hence, it is customary to dress-up ideally for the occasion. Not only in terms of our outfits, but the jewellery we choose to wear also speaks volumes about our personality and style. This factor can be effectively fulfilled by the best diamond jewellery shop in Mumbai, namely Goldsmiths.

The company has some of the finest jewellery collections that will mesmerize everyone. So if you do not possess a piece of flamboyant bridal jewellery set for a formal occasion then be sure to consider the following options as offered by Goldsmiths Mumbai:

Let’s get right into it:

The Blooming Florets Necklace

Out of all the jewellery accessories available in the market, a necklace perhaps completes the look and attainment of a woman to perfection. Such can also be said for the magnificent Blooming Florets Necklace offered by the best diamond jewellers in Mumbai. This piece is nothing short of an artwork as it is made up of 18 karat Rose Gold with GH/VS diamond finishing.

The stunning look and design of this necklace will definitely grab the attention of your colleagues with its sheer aura of beauty. The Blooming Florets necklace is nothing less than a bridal necklace that can also be considered as a great wedding gift to a newly married couple.

Emerald Floral Tops

Earrings are another essential jewellery type that helps to elevate the style statement of a woman. The Emerald Floral Tops as the name suggests is made from 18 karats Rose and White Gold and finished with the finest GH/VS diamond clarity. It complements every skin tone and will give your look a glow that is unparalleled, to say the least. The Goldsmiths team have designed this piece to perfection.

Classic Halo Rock

Nothing beats a classic diamond ring, does it? To complete your attire and bring about a sense of perfection you should look to purchase the Classic Halo Rock designed by the expert craftsmen at Goldsmiths. This 18 karat White Gold ring will blow everyone’s mind. So if you wish to mesmerize your friends and family members with your charm then be sure to purchase the Classic Halo Rock today..


Goldsmith possesses a wide range of products that are not just restricted to Gold and Diamonds. The company excels in designing and creating some of the most spellbinding jewellery that will elevate the appearance of the wearer at all times. Consider it to be an investment option that will yield benefits in the long run. Such priceless jewellery can also be passed on from one generation to another.