Traditional Indian Jewellery and its importance in the Indian Culture

From the time civilization started to exist, jewellery formed an integral part in the lives of Indian women. Not to forget that even during the times of kings and queens, kings and other royal males had an attachment to jewellery. But as we headed to modernization, the popularity of jewellery among males saw a decline, but women still continued the culture of embracing jewellery as a part of their identity.

Even today you will hardly find any women who do not possess any form of jewellery.

The importance of jewellery in the Indian culture

Since time immemorial, jewellery was and has been always considered a symbol of wealth and power. But especially for Indian women, jewellery is considered a symbol of esteem. Moreover, jewellery gives that elite status due to our tradition and culture. Any type of jewellery be it gold, silver, diamond or even copper forms a principal part of devotion among Indian women.

Types of Indian jewellery

In this post, I will jot down a few common types of jewellery which is extremely popular among Indian women.


You must have noticed that every married woman always wears some sort of earrings at all times. This is because, for a married woman, earrings are considered auspicious. Earrings come in different styles and designs. For different occasions like weddings, normal social gatherings, parties, you get various types of earrings. Normally earrings come in the form of

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You will notice most wedded Indian women always wear bangles on their wrists. This is because bangles are considered a symbol of marriage in India and hence for a married woman it is said to always wear bangles. Leaving your wrist area empty is considered inauspicious in Indian culture. During a marriage ceremony, you will always find the bride wearing a set of bangles. Bracelets come in various forms and are made from materials like gold, silver, diamond and even copper.

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Mangalsutra is like a holy thread for Indian married women. This is not just any jewellery for a woman because it is considered that a Mangalsutra has the power to bind the marriage and make it last. During the marriage ceremony, the Mangalsutra is knotted around the neck of the bride. The Mangalsutra is given so much importance in Indian society because it is the symbol of love and success in married life. Mangalsutra normally comes in the form of a necklace that has beads of black or white. Some Mangalsutras also have a gold pendant or some gold work on it.


From the above, we can safely conclude that jewellery plays a major role in Indian society. To check out a wide range of jewellery you can click here to view the entire collection of Goldsmiths, the best diamond jewellery shop in Mumbai.